Dirt Drag Racing

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

5 pm Registration; 6 pm Start Time
Nolan Miller Pulling Track

$15 per vehicle per class


  • ATV/Motorcycle/Three-Wheeler
  • UTV/Side-by-side
  • 2 WD
  • Gas
  • Street Diesel
  • Hot Street Diesel
  • Modified Diesel
  • Unlimited Gas
  • Open

All Local Participation

24 vehicles/class MAX

100% payback from entry
1st - 60%
2nd - 30%
3rd - 10%

Added Money based on Sponsorship and number of competitors per class

  • All drag racing will be conducted on a dirt surface
  • The “normal” DRAG RACE track will be set at two hundred ft. (200’) with two 30’ lanes.
  • Drag racing is open to any vehicle that meets the guidelines set out by the class definitions
  • Current and valid photo ID is required for the driver
  • All drivers must be age 18 or over.  Drivers the age of 16-17 may participate if their legal guardian grants permission and signs the liability waiver.
  • All racers must wear a DOT approved helmet and a seat belt or harness
  • A vehicle/racer may only run once per class unless slots need filled, but may run multiple classes
  • No passengers will be allowed in race vehicles
  • All vehicles must have at least 1 working headlight to signal starting line
  • All vehicles must have tow hooks front and rear, or some form of safe place to tow a vehicle
  • All vehicles must have safe front and rear bumpers
  • Each competitor will draw a number to place them in the bracket. Odd numbers will race left lane (North/Grandstand) and Even numbers will race right lane (South/Announcer).

Review full list of Dirt Drag Rules

Any questions, call  Josh Graver 573-470-5179